While traditional cheerleading — with its pompoms and chants — has been around for a while, the Allstar variation of the sport is a completely different animal.

With its high flying stunts, fierce jumps, Hollywood-like dance choreography and acrobatic tumbling passes that will make your jaw drop, one could say it’s practically a whole new sport.

With it’s meteoric rise all over the World, athletes from many other disciplines (such as dance) are making the switch. At CheerCore, we have noticed this trend first hand, and were curious to know what else made Allstar Cheer so appealing.

So we asked former dancers and their parents to share their thoughts. What lies below are the top 6 reasons why dancers have made the switch to Allstar Cheer.

Reason #1: Teamwork

Let’s face it, “playing well with others” isn’t a concept that’s reserved for kids. It’s something that is important all the way through adulthood. Without teamwork, partnership, and collaboration, our society would literally fail to function. And there’s no better sport that teaches kids the value of these traits combined with trust, perseverance and accountability like All Star Cheer.

Don’t believe us? Think Soccer and Volleyball can provide a similar experience?

Take a moment to watch the video below of some our athletes in action, and see if you can spot the difference…

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As you can see, without developing the qualities we mentioned above, none of the skills you saw would’ve been possible. If there was no trust between the kids, you’d be watching one big disaster that would be better suited for America’s Funniest Home Videos.

But that doesn’t happen.

In fact, our gym has some of the lowest injury rates you’ll come across. That’s because at CheerCore, our program not only teaches your child how to work with others and have fun, but how to overcome struggles and take positive criticism as valuable feedback to better themselves.

We teach them how to ride through the highs, and tough it out through the lows. We teach them the power of bonding and the value of being there for one another during times when it really matters. Our girls and boys literally put their life on the line for one another.

As you can imagine, most parents put a high value on life skills such as these.

Reason #2: It’s More Affordable

One memorable incident that comes to mind was when a dance mom was presented with the cheer tuition fee and said: “Is that per month? Hmm, that’s a bit steep!”

I said: “No, that’s actually per year… and it includes the uniform and comp fees”

The response she gave was priceless: “What?! Are you sure? Oh my god I think my husband and I can actually go for a vacation this year!”

At the time, I personally had no idea what the price of dance was. But I soon learned that for every dance competition you’ll need a new costume which costs anywhere from $200 to $500. And just like those off-color bridesmaid dresses that you have banished to the back of your closet since 2008, these dance costumes will probably never be worn more than once.

Two reasons for this: One, because kids grow out of them and Two, because they’re built that way. You may think you’ll create your own or hire your “own guy”, but that’s not possible. In fact, it’s forbidden. You’ll need to buy it from the dance school and from the supplier they recommend.

Comparatively, most All Star Cheer uniforms are designed to last multiple seasons (5-10 competitions) and are made of stretchy sport-specific material which allows for fluid movements and adapts to minor bodily changes that all growing children experience. Below is an example of one of our uniforms designed by FullSwag Apparel (click play to see a 360 view)


Reason #3: Proper Tumbling Training

While moving the human body in a creative way takes many forms, technical tumbling is something most dance schools aren’t well versed in. At CheerCore, our tumbling program is based on principles from Gymnastics and Power Tumbling, and has been built from the ground up to reduce injuries, increase skill retention and help athletes achieve some truly gravity defying abilities.

The system is called Perfection Before Progression™ and here’s how it works:

1) Every tumbling skill is taught by first focusing on fundamental body shapes. Shapes are like letters, and just as you cannot create words or sentences without them, nor can you perform or learn correct tumbling skills without knowing your shapes.

2) After shaping we take the athlete through fundamental movements and drills on our specialized safety equipment. These drills reinforce good technique to the brain so that when it actually comes time to perform the skill, the body executes the correct order of movements without the athlete having to think about it. Take a look at the video below to see what we mean.

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3) Finally, once an athlete has shown sufficient competence in the drills, movements and shapes, we have qualified coaches that will go hands on and physically spot or assist the child in trying the skill until they achieve success.

This is why many dancers seek out tumbling-specific programs like ours to gain an edge over their fellow dancers during competitions. They know we’ll train them right the very first time.

Reason #4: Specialty Equipment

After hearing about the how many dance schools just weren’t equipped properly to handle coaching of high level tumbling skills, I became curious. So I asked a dance teacher if she was on a budget, what are the essential pieces of equipment she would need in order to run a successful dance program?

Her answer? A vinyl floor and some ballet bars. Maybe hardwood as well if she had the option.

In comparison, to learn Allstar Cheer you need sprung floors, stackable blocks, safety mats, low impact tumbling surfaces, shaping blocks, panel mats and more. This is what any good cheer facility will be equipped with, because all these pieces of equipment have one sole purpose: reduce chances of injury while increasing skill competency.

cheerleading sprung floorAt both CheerCore locations, our floors literally have springs under them, ensuring that every jump, leap and bound results in less impact on your child’s critical joints such as knees, ankles, wrists and elbows.

This allows our athletes to do twice as many reps of almost ANY skill over traditional matted or hard floors before fatigue or soreness sets in.

Add to that our super soft Air Traks which basically feel like an advanced bouncy castle, and you have a gym where children simply don’t want to leave. Take a look at the video below…


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Reason #5: Everyone Shares The Spotlight

One mom told us that she likes cheer because it’s not about one person being the star of the show. She was thrilled to find out that during an Allstar Cheer routine, everyone has an opportunity to shine.

And she is correct!

An Allstar Cheer routine lasts two minutes and thirty seconds. While that may not sound like a lot, everyone is moving at a constant high energy pace while showcasing multiple disciplines such as jumps, tumbling, stunting, pyramids, dance and choreography. This means every member of a team has a role to play and gets a chance to show off their strengths.

So in the beginning you may see Sally in the front row because she has fierce jumps but after a few seconds it’ll be Suzy’s turn to dazzle the crowd with her amazing dance moves. Another 30 seconds later you might see Jane running down the floor displaying her high flying tumbling pass which lands right in front of a screaming crowd. To give you a better idea, take a look at our National Championship winning team below…

Reason #6: Fun Competitions

There’s simply no other way to put it; cheer competitions are basically BIG parties… for both the athletes and the parents.

Now don’t get us wrong. While the actual competition portion of the event does bring out the competitiveness in teams and athletes (like any other sport), the whole environment is geared towards positivity and fun. Your day is filled with the latest music mixes and truly amazing award ceremonies. You’ll see teams clap and scream for each other even though they may be in the same category. It’s like watching Taylor Swift fist pumping in the crowd at a Beyonce concert.

Basically, sportsmanship is high while pretentiousness is low.

While every event producer is slightly different, most competitions (and the venues they’re held at) are truly something to be experienced. They are the literal definition of work hard, play hard. All of our athletes and parents get genuinely excited for upcoming competitions and literally count down the days and weeks.

We dare you to come experience it once, because we know you’ll be hooked.

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