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A List Of Our All-Star Competitive Teams

At CheerCore, all of our competitive cheerleading teams are divided into 3 Programs: Prep, Elite & Worlds. Each require their own level of time and financial commitments. For more details, scroll down below and download the Info Package for the type of team you’re interested in. Just know that regardless of which program you choose for your child, they will have an amazing experience throughout the season. Every program gets the same level of care, effort and dedication from our coaches that you have come to expect from CheerCore!

CheerCore Prep

Our newly expanded Prep program is the place to be for athletes who want the full all-star cheer experience with a shorter competitive season and a heavy focus on building the physical and mental strength required to go all the way in this sport! With twice-per-week training and 3 competitions per year, our prep athletes will develop their level 1 skills just like our higher-level ELITE teams, but with less focus on the scoresheet and more focus on the kind of long term athlete development that will keep them loving cheer for many years to come. For the 2020-2021 season, our prep teams will be outfitted in the same beautiful uniform as our Elite teams, so they will feel like champions the second they set foot on the big stage!

CheerCore Elite

Are you ready to go all-in with competitive cheer? Then our ELITE program is exactly what you’re looking for! Kids in this stream put in 100% effort towards developing themselves as a “complete” athlete while having big goals in both the short and long term. With a minimum of twice-per-week team training and a strong encouragement to participate in additional tumbling and conditioning classes, our ELITE program requires the most commitment… but the work is definitely worth it! From earning a bid to Canadian Finals, to finishing top 3 at a prestigious International competition, or even preparing to join our WORLDS team one day, the opportunities are limitless. Let us help you achieve your biggest cheer dreams today!

CheerCore Worlds

Are you a top-notch athlete who wants to give this sport everything you’ve got? Then our WORLDS program is exactly what you’re looking for. This program is in its second season, and we want to recruit those who have a strong commitment to excellence and a desire to contribute to building a program that will make a strong impression. Both male and female athletes who have the drive and skills necessary are welcome to start training with us! Athletes in this stream should have tumbling pass ending in a full, or exceptional stunting skills that will ensure this team can hit the IASF scoresheet. This program is all about creating lasting team bonds by rallying around one goal; to create the best WORLDS team we possibly can!

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