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Most parents already know that sports-based Summer and Winter Camps are a great way for their child to get moving, make new friends and try out new activities.

Beyond that, camps also offer a safe and reliable environment for your child to be in when you’re at work, while offering more value than traditional child minding services in the Collingwood and Simcore region.

However, due to COVID restrictions, the way our seasonal Camps used to operate has changed. In order to ensure the safety of our participants while maintaining a maximum amount of fun, listed below are some of the changes we’ve implemented. We hope these changes give you more confidence when registering your child for our Summer or Winter camps located in Collingwood and available to everyone in the Simcoe region.

Change #1: Small(er) Camp Sizes

Summer Cheer Camp Collingwood

Even before COVID forced us to limit the number of athletes in our gyms, we never believed in stuffing our facilities with a huge number of attendees. While high volume might be great for other gyms or programs, we have always believed in an environment where every camper gets the attention they deserve. Plus, when volume goes up, quality always drops — that’s simply true for any product or service. Since CheerCore is known for quality, we’ve set a strict daily camper limit that’s well UNDER the recommended COVID guidelines to ensure your child gets the quality coaching the deserve.

Change #2: Entry Screening & Exit Procedures

In order to ensure social distancing and avoid congestion, we have created specific screening procedures at our facility with very specific entry and exit points. Take a look at the video walk-through of our gym below so you and your child can know what to expect and feel comfortable before arrival.

Note: In order to provide clarity during explanations, masks were not worn during filming. All proper sanitary and distancing protocols were followed. Also note that during classes, ALL staff members and athletes will be required to wear a mask. For more information on our mask policy, please contact us.

Change #3: Frequent Sanitation Procedures

Cleaning Mats COVID

After any physically intensive activity during camps (such as tumbling training, obstacle courses etc.) our equipment will be sanitized by our amazing coaches while our campers will be encouraged to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer at frequent intervals.

We are also limiting the number of personal items that campers are allowed to bring in, and these items will also be sprayed with a disinfectant to ensure that every surface in our facility is sanitized and safe.

Register For Summer Camp 2021

We are offering camps in July & August. No experience necessary, and all our summer camps come with a lock-down guarantee so you can book with confidence. Due to high demand, our camps operate on a first come, fist serve basis. To avoid disappointment, be sure to register early!

Change #4: Social Distancing Approved Activities

kids camp social distance

While we can’t do any type of touch-based activities or games such as stunting, tag, or partner workouts, we have come up with NEW games and activities that allow our campers to maintain social distancing standards while still having lots of things to do. During the planning stages we realized that touch-based activities make up only a small part of the camping experience. Thus, you can rest easy knowing that your child will have plenty of things to do to keep them occupied from morning to evening.

Change #5: No Outside Trips

summer camp barrie outside

All of our camp activities take place inside our gyms or in close proximity to our entrance. While we see the value in taking trips to other local businesses and locations, we feel that during these uncertain times it is not worth the risk it will pose to our campers and staff.

As a parent you can have peace of mind knowing that your child will spend a majority of their day inside the safety of our facility located in Collingwood. We will only head outside sparingly (such as to soak up the sun during lunch time, as seen above) and all campers will be under our coach’s supervision.

Here’s What We Haven’t Changed For Our Collingwood Summer & Winter Camps!

In order for your child to get the high quality camp experience we’re known for, we knew we couldn’t change everything — especially the factors have our athletes & families coming back year after year.

So here are 3 things we’ve kept the same…

#1: Fully Equipped Facilities For Maximum Fun!

cheercore collingwood gym

We take great pride in ensuring that our main training area is equipped with carpet bonded foam flooring with springs underneath for added safety & fun. We also have two 30 foot long bouncy Air Tracks and plenty of soft foam-based landing mats and shape trainers for our athletes to use.

In fact, we’ve recently invested in even more equipment! This means whether your child is a seasoned athlete that likes to throw lots of skills, or is prone to stumbling every time they get excited, you can rest easy knowing that they are protected by equipment that will drastically reduce the risk of injury, while ensuring maximum fun and learning!

#2: Passionate & Knowledgeable Coaches

CheerCore Coaches Collingwood

The CheerCore stable of coaches are some of the most highly trained in the business. Their mission is to ensure that your child is one step closer to their goals while ensuring they want to come back day after day! One of the things we’re most proud of are the connections our campers make with our coaches by the end of the week. We know they can’t wait to see big smiles on your child!

#3: We Don’t Operate Like A Daycare

cheer tumbling camp barrie

We know that if you wanted a babysitter, you’d get one. But since you’re considering choosing a high quality Sport Summer & Winter Camp for your child in the Collingwood region, you obviously know the value of physical activity (especially in today’s age where we are bombarded with screens!)

All CheerCore camps are designed and structured to help campers of ALL levels get in quality training while helping them achieve their goals (no matter how small or large). We also have plenty of games planned which require no physical contact or close proximity encounters.

Ready For Your Child To Experience Our Camps?

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Got Questions? 

Contact us using our widget on the bottom right of this screen or if you’re in the Collingwood or Simcoe region, simply shoot us a text at: 705-242-7045


Register For Summer Camp 2021

We are offering camps in July & August. No experience necessary, and all our summer camps come with a lock-down guarantee so you can book with confidence. Due to high demand, our camps operate on a first come, fist serve basis. To avoid disappointment, be sure to register early!

About The Author

Coach Sahil is one of the co-owners here at CheerCore Inc. He also founded and Addicted To Tumbling — two influential resources that are followed by over 50k athletes & coaches. With his proven track record of training athletes all around the World, partnering with Sam to help our members experience the most cutting-edge tumbling program was a no-brainer. He is also the author behind the best-selling book The Cheer Diet.

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