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Frequently Asked Questions By Parents

What is "All-Star" Cheer and how does it differ from regular Cheerleading?
The sport of Cheerleading isn’t what it used to be. In most cases, the pom-poms, megaphones and sideline routines are no longer a part of an all-star cheerleader’s experience… In place of those things is a sport that provides a full body workout by combining the best and most exciting aspects of gymnastics, acrobatics, and dance.

Our team-based routines will build your child’s strength, flexibility, mobility and coordination. Learning stunts, tumbling, jumps, and dance to eight-counts will unify the group and get your child moving and grooving and having so much fun, they won’t even realize how much energy they’re burning! Take a look at one of our winning Level 3 routines below (Note: The athletes shown below have anywhere from 3-5 years of experience in the sport. We train kids of all levels from Recreational all the way to Worlds)

Can we try cheer before signing up?

Absolutely! Simply fill out our online free trial form by going here:

Important Reminder: Be sure to check your email for a response from us. Sometimes our email might accidentally end up in your spam folder. In that case, be sure to add our email address to your Safe Senders list. If you’re unsure how to do this, please watch the quick video tutorial below

What steps are you taking during COVID to ensure safe practices?

We have implemented specific entry and exit procedures based on the guidelines set by the Ontario Cheer Federation that ensures maximum safety for our staff and customers. You can find these videos linked below.

Furthermore, we also disinfect our equipment every hour, require mandatory masks upon entry (but not for heavy training) and encourage frequent hand washing and sanitizing. Our washrooms are also for limited/emergency uses only. We also avoid spotting for skills about 99% of the time to ensure there’s no contact — however, if our coaches feel that your child’s safety will be at risk, they are advised to jump in a spot to ensure they don’t get hurt.

Collingwood Gym Procedures

How old does my child have to be to participate?

Athletes can start training as early as 4-years-old and there is no upper age limit! Our Worlds team has had athletes in their twenties+ who are phenomenal athletes and leaders. Our goal at CheerCore is to help build confident people who one day want to compete at the highest level. This really is a sport you can participate in for the long term!

What if my child doesn't have any tumbling skills? Can they still make a competitive team?

Most likely, yes! Tumbling is just one of the disciplines of Allstar Cheer, but so are jumps, stunts, dance and more! Each athlete has an important role to play in the success of a team. So while it’s important to continue to train your tumbling skills, we still need strong bases, tall back spots, and flexible flyers in order to have a winning routine!

What should my child wear to practice?

If they’re a competitive athlete, they need to be in their CheerCore practice gear. If they are doing any other classes, we recommend wearing athletic gear that you are comfortable in. Due to the nature of the quick movements and flexibility-based skills we teach, anything loose or baggy is a big no-no as fingers can get caught and while tumbling and flipping, the shirt can ride up, obstructing vision. Backflips are challenging enough as it is; let’s make sure they’re not doing them blind! 😉

We would recommend:

  • A sports bra/crop top layered with a t-shirt or tank top
  • Volleyball-style shorts or yoga pants
  • Indoor running shoes
How much does Allstar Cheerleading cost?

That all depends on the type of team you’d like to join. We have 4 main categories of teams: Novice, Prep, Elite & Worlds. Novice teams are the least competitive and require a smaller commitment, and therefore cost less to participate. On the other hand, if you’re looking to go all-in as a competitive athlete, participating in travel competitions and purchasing team gear for our Elite & Worlds teams can add up over the course of a full season. The exact prices can be found by going to our Programs Page and downloading the Info Package for the team(s) you’re interested in. We have an option for everyone and each program has its own rewarding and exciting benefits!

Where are the competitions located?

Due to the growing COVID situation, CheerCore will not be doing travel competitions outside of Canada until travel restrictions are lifted. The WORLD championships always take place at the Disney resort in Florida, so our Worlds team will travel there if and when it is safe to do so. This means all of our teams (Novice, Prep & Elite) will be competing in Canada (generally within the GTA region) while Nationals takes place in Niagara Falls. You will be notified well in advance if we decide to participate in any out-of-province competitions.

How do I register/join one of your teams?
Athletes are placed on teams where we feel they’ll be able to use their strengths in order to make the team successful. This process starts by fill out our online assessment form. Please Click Here to fill this out (only takes a min).

From there, we will send you an email about an in-person meeting along with registration instructions and more!

Can my child miss practices if they're on a competitive team?
Every team has an allowable number of absences during a season. If you’re on an Elite or Worlds competitive team, then all practices between September-April are mandatory, but athletes are allowed a maximum of 3 missed practices per season as long as advance notice is provided with a valid reason, and as long as the missed practice doesn’t fall within two weeks of a competition date. We realize that life happens sometimes and we support our athletes in their various school and extracurricular activities!

However, it is important to remember that when you choose to become a part of a team, your coaches and teammates are counting on you to be in the gym training during scheduled practice times! Our attendance policy for our Prep teams is very similar to our Elite & Worlds teams, but with a little more leniency due to the fact that these athletes are often younger and the skill level required is a little less challenging. Our Novice teams have the most lenient attendance policy, but are still expected to demonstrate a level of dependability that will allow the team to perform a safe and rewarding routine!

You might be wondering: Why the strict policy?

The reason is that an Allstar Cheer Team isn’t like other team based sports where you can simply throw in a substitute for an athlete. When you throw in a point guard sub for a basketball team, sure they might not perform at their best, but it’s not a safety risk.

In contrast, cheer stunt groups, tumbling partners and coaches spend months training skills which rely on each other’s habits, timing and trust. This means it’s very hard to simply “throw in” a substitute last minute as they not only have to memorize a full 2 minute 30 second routine to counts and music, but they must learn the nuances of each teammate. The bottom line is that this is not only difficult, but dangerous to repeatedly miss training sessions.

Would you trust someone to catch you while you were thrown 10 feet into the air without training with them extensively? Probably not. If you would like to join a team, please be sure that you are ready to commit for the full season or session.

Do I have to go to a competition if I'm on a team?

Does one have to jump in the water if they decide to be a swimmer? 😉

Of course, the answer is yes. All Prep, Elite & Worlds athletes are required to compete and commit to the season with their teammates. For more details on “why”, please see the answer to the question above.

Where can we get cheer shoes?

Most cheer shoes can be bought online. Trustworthy brands are Nfinity, Rebel and Varsity. However, you don’t have to buy cheer specific shoes unless your specialty is tumbling and/or flying. Any white sport shoes with a thinner sole will do just fine. Especially if your child is young with growing feet! We also recommend visiting to order online.

Is cheerleading only for those who are small, skinny & flexible?

Definitely not. The beautiful thing about our sport is that a team needs all different body types in order to be successful. Yes, flyers are generally smaller and need to have above average flexibility in order to pull their positions. However, we still need tall athletes who can be amazing back spots, strong athletes who can hold stunts in the air, and powerful athletes who can learn amazing tumbling skills. Instead of thinking you have to be small and skinny to be an Allstar Cheerleader, our hope is that athletes shift their mindset to being strong and dedicated. Because an athlete that devotes their time to becoming stronger (both physically & mentally) while being dedicated to their team can learn almost any skill or technique.

I just want to learn tumbling, do I have to be on a CheerCore team to train with you guys?

Nope! All of our tumbling classes are open to anyone and everyone that wants to learn. Our classes are named and divided based on the actual skill. So it doesn’t matter if you’re level 1, 2, 3 or 7. If you need to learn and/or master your back handspring, simply register for our back handspring class. If you’re unsure of which skill class to register for, simply scroll up to fill out our contact form and we’ll put you in the right class.

Do you offer flexible payments?

Absolutely! For larger amounts (such as competitive team pricing) we are able to split the tuition cost into easy monthly payments. Our robust online system will take care of all the details and handles email notifications to help keep you on track. For those who want to pay by lump sum, we offer discounts for early registrations. Be sure to contact us for more details on that. You can do so by filling out the contact form at the top of this page =)

Is it true that cheer is going to be in the Olympics?

That is the plan! Cheerleading was recently granted Provisional Sport status by the International Olympic Committee, and our entire industry has big dreams to compete as an official Olympic sport as early as 2024! Regardless of whether or not our Olympic dreams are realized, there is no denying the fact that all-star cheer opens doors for committed and hard-working athletes.

As owners, we have had the opportunity to coach ALL over the World in countries like Switzerland, Finland, UK, Australia and more! We even have a staff member who ended up playing a role on a popular Netflix series due to her cheer and dance background. We have also seen dedicated athletes pursue roles in Cirque du Soleil performances, stunt work for film & television, and more! There is no telling where this sport could take your child, but it all starts with building a solid foundation.

Where is CheerCore located?

We are located in Ontario Canada and our gym is located in the town of Collingwood. Due to our excellent competitive results and our unique approach to training, our athletes come from many different regions including: Simcoe, Muskoka, Peel and even the GTA!

A Map with directions can be viewed by Clicking Here. If you’d like to bring your child in for a Free trial class, please Click Here

Are official CheerCore shirts/swag available? Also, can we make our own?

We produce CheerCore branded merchandise on a limited basis. A complete ProShop is in the works and will be released online in the near future. Please note that you may not use CheerCore branding and/or our logo to create your own custom merchandise, whether for personal use or for sale without written permission. This would be like slapping a Nike logo on your favorite bag which constitutes a trademark and copyright infringement and comes with hefty fines and other headaches which lawyers love to dabble in. Let’s avoid such scenarios, shall we? =)

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