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prep cheerleading barrieThere’s no question about it: cheerleading helps teach kids all the positive traits and characteristics that parents are looking for.

  • Teamwork? Check ☑️
  • Accountability? Check ☑️
  • Building trust? Check ☑️
  • Discipline? Double Check ☑️☑️

But these lessons come at a price… And we aren’t even talking about cost; we’re talking about time.

In order to be a great Competitive Cheerleader, you need to master the disciplines of tumbling, stunting, jumping, dancing and showmanship. As you can imagine, this requires hours upon hours of training and unshakable commitment.

Most dedicated Competitive Cheer teams compete multiple times during the season, and many are vying for bids that can qualify their team for even larger competitions such as Canadian Finals, Summit, or even Worlds… This means that the stakes are high, and tryouts are required in order to field a team with athletes who will give the team the best shot at reaching their lofty goals.

However, we at CheerCore realized that this doesn’t make for a great starting point for families that want their child to experience what this sport is all about. So we asked ourselves…

“Wouldn’t it be nice if you could only train once a week, for an affordable price, and still experience one of the fastest growing sports in Canada?”

Well, now you can!

Our NOVICE Teams offer a perfect opportunity to get involved in the cheer world in a manageable and fun way!

Listed below are 4 reasons why we think busy parents will absolutely LOVE having their child participate in our NEW Novice Program…

Reason #1: No Experience Required

Does your child have 2 left feet and less rhythm than the Tin Man? No problem, we’ll teach them how to do simple motions to slow counts so they can build their confidence without being overwhelmed.

Does the extent of their tumbling skills stop at accidentally falling off their bed in the morning? No worries, we have a full set of safety equipment and qualified coaches that will have them flipping around like it’s no big deal.

Do they hate doing boring physical activities like running after a ball or throwing on piles of equipment only to feel miserable and bogged down? Fear not, we’ll teach them how to lift up their friends (literally) and catch them to build trust (see video below)


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Regardless of their current experience level, we at CheerCore welcome new athletes with open arms and we are excited to show them what this great sport is all about!

This is why our NOVICE Teams do not require tryouts. All you need to bring is the willingness to learn and the desire to have fun and we take care of the rest!

And hey… If your child turns out to be a superstar athlete who wants to give our prep or competitive team a try, we can make sure they’re tryout-ready! We help each athlete learn at their own individual pace.

Reason #2: Only One Local Performance Per Session

Athletes deserve to have a chance to show off all of their new skills, and that is why our Novice teams have a performance at the end of each session!

Friends & family will be invited to come out to our gym space to watch our Novice team perform their skills and a short routine. Athletes will have the chance to put on a fun performance with feedback from coaches right afterwards. For many, this will ignite the love of performing and will show them that hard work pays off in the form of a picture-perfect routine!

Our novice program was created to focus on one stress free opportunity to show-off while keeping fun at an all-time high!

If your child loves the in-house performance experience, they can always consider progressing into our prep or elite program so that they can experience the thrill of attending an all-star cheerleading competition! It’s always great to start small and grow, and we have a feeling that our Novice program will give your little one time to fall in love with this sport. ?

Ready To Experience The CheerCore Difference?

Register for a FREE trial class, and see why we are one of the fastest growing sports in Canada. Our fully equipped facility is located in Collingwood and is trusted by families from neighboring regions such as: Simcoe, Peel & Muskoka! No credit card required for the trial... just click the button below to get started!

Reason #3: Short Sessions, Clear Fee Structure

Most sports require a full season training commitment, and significant training fees. Uniforms, private lessons, practice gear, camps, clinics and so on are the norm.

Dance and Hockey parents know exactly what we’re talking about… This is not a knock on those sports; it’s just the reality.

However with CheerCore Novice, you only need to make a 3-month commitment, and all of your fees are communicated up front with ZERO surprises. We find that this is the perfect amount of time for new athletes to give the sport a fair chance, experience improvement in their skills, and learn the benefits of dedicating themselves to something and sticking with it.

If your child ends up loving cheerleading (we have a feeling they will), then extra classes and lessons are always available, but never forced or required.

Reason #4: Only Practice Once Per Week

If you’re a parent with demanding work hours, a busy schedule, and multiple kids to chauffeur, we know full well how challenging it can be to maintain balance.

In just one day, you have to manage school tips, your own work schedule, homework, an annoying boss, your pet dog Max being sprayed by a skunk while Coco the cat just drags in a dead bird…

…and then to top it off, your son or daughter insists they want to join Cheer so they can get a bid to Disney and become a World Champion.

Just breathe. And maybe grab a glass of wine (or three!)

Because here’s the good news: our novice team practices once a week!

This makes scheduling rides easy and stress free. What’s more, your child will have so much fun and burn off so much energy that they’ll probably be in la-la land before you even pull out of the parking lot.

When all is said and done,  NOVICE cheerleading is the perfect way to allow your child to try something new without allowing the sport to take over your entire life.

It’s also a great way for kids who are already busy and active to add another activity to their plate without breaking the bank or making too many sacrifices when it comes to their other sports!

Ready To Experience The CheerCore Difference?

Register for a FREE trial class, and see why we are one of the fastest growing sports in Canada. Our fully equipped facility is located in Collingwood and is trusted by families from neighboring regions such as: Simcoe, Peel & Muskoka! No credit card required for the trial... just click the button below to get started!

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