It’s no secret that regular physical activity in kids has been directly linked to improved motor skills, lowered rate of obesity, and a boost in overall mental health.
But what kind of physical activity is right for your child?
Research suggest one that focuses on all four of the most important attributes of the human body: strength, flexibility, mobility & stability.
And that’s why we are so proud of our Recreational Cheerleading Program… as it targets all four of these attributes in a safe and fun environment.
Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of our Recreational Cheer program:

​1: Getting FIT While Having FUN!

The sport of Cheerleading isn’t what it used to be. Gone are pom-poms, megaphones and sideline routines. In its place is a sport that provides a full body workout by combining the best and most exciting aspects of gymnastics, acrobatics and dance.

Our team-based stunts will build your child’s strength, while our jump sequences and tumbling skills will help improve their flexibility and mobility. Plus our simple and counts-based dance moves will get them moving and grooving and having so much fun, they’ll simply forget how much energy they’re burning!

2: Learn NEW & Exciting Skills

Did you know one of the leading causes of boredom for kids inside a classroom is the fact that they aren’t being challenged enough? And when kids are bored, (i.e under-challenged) they tend to be sloppy in their work, don’t study much and refuse to put in maximum effort.

Thankfully, in our recreational cheerleading classes, you child will learn how to perform new and exciting skills that are completely unique to our sport! In just the span of an hour, they will learn how to lift their teammates, jump into impressive positions, and learn to tumble, flip and twist with just the right amount of challenge!

3: Develop A Growth Mindset & Learn Important Life Lessons

At CheerCore, we not only encourage the learning of new skills, but we instill the importance of mastery of these skills by getting your child to embrace attention to detail, perseverance and confidence.

For example: instead of letting them say “I can’t do this”, they will be encouraged to re-frame that statement into “I will learn how to do this”. This simple shift in thinking will not only help them be more successful inside our gym, but will translate into their school work and eventually, adulthood!

4: Making Lifelong Friendships!

Cheerleading is a sport that quickly develops trust between participants. That’s because for certain skills, it’s essentially a requirement. For example: if a stunt is to be successful, the flyer must trust her base group to provide a stable platform that feels safe, and the base group needs to trust that their flyer will commit to her position at the right count.

Barrie Cheerleading Stunt

These kinds of bonds tend to last a lifetime! And in our Recreational Cheer program, your child will meet other like-minded friends under the guidance of our passionate, well-trained coaches.

5: Get A Head Start In One Of Canada’s Fastest Growing Sports

With All-Star Cheerleading having received provisional sport status from the International Olympic Committee, our future is bright! There is no better time than now for your child to start training and getting involved with the always-exciting sport of cheer!

Once your child develops some skills under their belt from our Recreational program and tumbling classes, they will be able to move into one of our All-Star Teams that train for a dedicated period of time, and attend exciting competitions both regionally and internationally.

The possibilities are truly endless — so why not book a FREE class today? See below for more details!

Ready To Experience The CheerCore Difference?

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About The Author

Sam Thomas is the co-owner and original founder of CheerCore Inc. She started the gym at 21-years-old and took it from small and humble beginnings to the championship winning program it is today! Due to her sharp eye for details and expertise in choreography, pyramids and building amazing flyers, she has been invited to coach all over the World. When it comes to helping athletes live up to their full potential, Sam’s experience is second to none.

© 2020 CheerCore Inc., All Rights Reserved. The tips and advice mentioned within is for entertainment purposes only. The author or its affiliates do not claim any warranties or responsibility. Before participating in any sport or physical activity, please talk with your doctor, and ensure you’re accompanied by a certified coach.

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