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How To Register Your Child For A Class Or Team At CheerCore (Complete Guide)

Welcome, parents! This step-by-step guide was created to help our new members with the online registration process for our classes or teams. Our system handles everything to keep you organized while providing you with important updates to keep in the loop at all times. We hope you find it helpful! Pro Tip: If you’d like a more detailed look at any of the screenshots, simply click on them to Zoom in

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Step 1

Visit our online registration page which showcases a complete list of all the classes and teams we offer. You can think of this as our “online store”. You can do this by clicking the Golden button which is either located to your right or below (depending on which type of device you’re viewing this guide).

Alternatively, you can also visit the online registration page by copy/pasting the following link in your browser:

Step 2

On the top right, click the “Sign In” button. If you’re doing this on a mobile device, the appearance and/or location of this button might differ slightly.

Step 3

Enter your email and click “Next” to create a new account. Please remember to double check your email for accuracy as this will by the primary way of receiving updates and other communications from us such as:


  • Class updates / reschedules
  • Weather closures and emergencies
  • Offers and reminders about class session

Step 4

It will then ask for your info such as name, password, DOB etc. Enter this, and click “Sign Up”.

Please remember this information is for you (the account holder) not your child — they will be added during Step 11. This is so one account holder for a family can easily add members (such as siblings) and have it neatly organized.

Step 5

Once you press “Sign Up” after Step 4, you should see a message that says “A verification has been sent to [your email]”

Be sure to check your email for the confirmation link from SportsEngine (see screenshot). If you don’t see it, please give it a few minutes to arrive or check your Junk/Spam folder. Without clicking this verification link, your account will NOT be created by the software.

Step 6

Once you click the Activate link in your email, you should be taken to your GoMotion / SportsEngine account automatically.

If you don’t get logged in automatically, you should be able to log in manually using the details you entered during Step 4. Once inside your account, click “Continue To Program Selection”

Step 7

Scroll down to the category of classes that you want to sign up for such as: Recreational Cheer, Tumbling, Camps etc. The red arrows drawn on the screenshot below indicate these categories. 

Please note that you may see more or less categories than what is shown depending on the time of year. Example: During the summer we run camps but during the height of a competitive season, we temporarily remove/hide the camps category.

Step 8

Once you’ve scrolled to the appropriate category, click the drop down box for more specific options such as location or skill type.

To illustrate an example in this guide, we will pretend to sign up for a Walkover & Handsprings Tumbling class in Collingwood. The process is the same for any other class.

Step 9

Once you click the appropriate drop down option (in this case Walkover & Handsprings). Be sure to read everything about the class description. You can also view the payment plans by clicking “View Details”. Once you’re happy with the description, scroll down to the weekly calendar and select the appropriate time slot.

(Important Reminder: In this example the class we’re choosing runs both Monday @ 4:30pm and Friday @ 6:30pm. This is indicated VIA color-coded arrows in the screenshot; red for Monday, and blue for Friday. Whichever class you choose, be sure to click the Register button next to the correct timeslot… or your child will be added to the incorrect attendance list)

Step 10

Once you press the green Register button next to the class you’re interested in, you’ll be taken to the registration page. Fill out your billing/account info and click “Continue” at the bottom.

Step 11 (Important)

This is where you’ll add your child to the class. Click “Add Member” on the top and enter all of their details accurately. This is important for records and contact tracing purposes.

Once this is done, press “Save” and you should see your child “checked” on the page (please refer to the screenshot#2). To add an additional child (such as a sibling) click “Add Member” again.

Step 12

Once your child has been added, please read and check off the waivers and press “Save To Cart”. From here, simply finish the check out process!

Note: On the last page you’ll be asked to add your credit card (see screenshot #2). Once that’s entered, simply click “Pay & Submit” and that’s it, you’re done!

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