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Meet The Dream Team

Sam Thomas

Co-Owner & Allstar Director


Sam is the founder of CheerCore. She started this business at 21 and took it from small and humble beginnings to the championship winning program it is today! She has a sharp eye for details and and a passion for precise choreography. When it comes to seeing “the bigger picture” her experience is second to none, which is why she has been invited to coach and do clinics all around the World!

Quirky Facts: Sam has a knack for smothering kittens with hugs and kisses until they helplessly try and pry themselves out of her overprotective grasp. And can eat enough tacos to put Mexico out of business.

Coach Sahil

Co-Owner & Tumbling Director


Coach Sahil is the founder of and Addicted To Tumbling — an influential resource followed by over 50k athletes & coaches. With his proven track record of training athletes all around the World, partnering with Sam to help CheerCore members experience the most cutting-edge tumbling program was a no-brainer.

Quirky Facts: Coach Sahil is an avid advocate of all things bacon, and will torment his fellow co-workers and athletes with top-notch “dad jokes” when given the slightest of opportunities.

Kaden Hebb

Senior Team Coach

Kaden started her cheerleading career as an athlete at CheerCore, and continued training in Toronto while attending post-secondary. Kaden is now back home at CheerCore, working as a Senior Team Coach! She has experience competing at all of the prestigious competitions such as Worlds, NCA, CheerSport, and more! As a coach, she successfully helped a team claim the National Championship title in the 2019 season.

Quirky Facts: On the average day you can spot Kaden with a Starbucks cup in her hand, while telling stories at volume levels which would shatter most decibel meters. Look for CheerCore branded ear plugs in our pro shop in the coming months! We still <3 you Kaden

Tianna Hill

Senior Coach & Prep Director

Tianna has been an integral part of the CheerCore team since the very beginning. She started off as one of our athletes and used that same drive and determination to become a fantastic coach who excels in all areas of the sport. She coached our Summit team and is a former NCA Champion. Because of this, she already achieved the Senior Coach position, and currently trains on 24k!

Quirky Facts: When she’s not obsessing over tacos, Tianna generally rotates between 3 different types of outfits; the grandma, the child and the overdressed.

Kaitlyn Patton

Junior Coach

Kaitlyn started as an athlete and still competes on 24k – our Worlds team. However her passion for cheer has grown beyond learning skills and she now wants to help our younger generation experience the same love and joys of our sport. Her caring personality and attention to detail always has our little ones gravitating to her classes!

Quirky Facts: Her nickname is “Spider Kat”… if you’d like to know why, you’ll most likely have to ask her yourself. Spidey is also passionate about asking a million questions during practices and is known for roping people in to her TikTok videos. If you’re around her, be careful. She can be quite convincing!

Madison Francoeur

Team Coach

Maddy is a new addition to both our athlete and coaching roster at CheerCore, but due to her upbeat and positive personality, she has fit right in! Besides being a Team Coach, she’s also an athlete on 24k and a Canadian Finals Champion. With all the experience she’s gained along with a caring attitude, Maddy is excited to help our young athletes grow and develop throughout the season!

Quirky Facts: Maddy has an annoying passion for wearing Crocs to literally every public occasion. As a result, taking her out anywhere becomes a test in managing external embarrassment. Oh well, no one’s perfect right?

Riley Howell

Tumbling & Team Coach

Riley is not only one of our coaches, but also a 24k athlete and a Canadian Finals Champion. He specializes in coaching Technical Tumbling, and has had extensive training under Coach Sahil for all types of spotting techniques such as the bump & safety spot. He is also a high-level snowboarder, and has competed in the Canadian Winter Games.

Quirky Facts: When he’s not rocking crazy outfits that have no business being paired together, Riley likes to limit his dietary choices to fries, slushies & chicken. Someone please convince this man there are other foods in this World which need to be experienced.

Chelsea Rae Coulter

Senior Team Coach

Being a school teacher and a new mom, Chelsea has the unique ability to connect with her athletes and can help them understand complex skills with ease and simplicity. She also has an eye for details and a gift for creative motion choreography that really helps put the unique touch to our routines!

Quirky Facts: Chelsea has a secret man voice that gets so deep, you would think she turned into the Verizon guy. However, it only seems to come out when athletes forget the simplest of motions during the routine. Oh and she also has a son who we call Spike!

Brenda Thomas

Supermom & Accounts Supervisor

Brenda CheerCore

Brenda (AKA SuperMom) is the glue that holds CheerCore together. She handles all the integral tasks of the business that Sam & Sahil don’t feel like touching with a 10 foot pole. A natural problem solver, Brenda brings forth a Get Things Done attitude that’s hard to beat. Plus if you’re having a bad day, a 5 min chat with Brenda is sure to leave you smiling and joyful. Just don’t expect her to coach any front rolls.

Quirky Facts: Brenda is an overqualified back spot who is currently banned by all CheerCore members from getting behind the wheel of motor vehicle due to the fact that we like getting to our destination on time, and without fear. It’s the little things.

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