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Looking To Get Your Child Started In The World Of All-star Cheer?

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Step 1: Build A Foundation With Recreational Classes

Our favourite way to have an athlete get started is have them join one of our super fun recreational classes! Here, your child will develop their strength and learn foundational tumbling skills with a strong emphasis on proper technique; something that we refer to as “Perfection Before Progression”.

Our goal in these classes is to get your child to learn some exciting new skills in a zero pressure, non-competitive environment. If they find that they love training with us and want to delve deeper, they can join a Novice Team once they have completed a session of recreational cheer!

With that said, there are always exceptions, and if your child has previous athletic experience, we may recommend that they start at Step 2 (Novice) or even Step 3… which is our Prep program!

The low-cost, low-commitment structure is also great for parents who want their child to try lots of activities before specializing in this sport.

Step 2: Join Our Novice Team

Our Novice program is the perfect way for kids to get started in the World of All-Star Cheerleading… especially if they have some experience from similar acrobatic sports such as dance or gymnastics, or if they have completed at least one session of recreational cheer with us!

In this once-per-week class, your child will learn all the basic elements of cheerleading such as: stunts, jumps, tumbling, dance & choreography. The team will put their individual skills into a routine format, all while learning the concepts of teamwork, dedication and trust. They will even have an opportunity to show off their hard work in front of friends and family during a specialized showcase that gives them the feel of a real competition, without all the added stress of a scoresheet!

There is no experience necessary for this program, but athletes who are able to perform a cartwheel, back bridge, and front/back roll will excel the most!

Step 3: Learn & Grow By Joining A Prep Team

Once your child can confidently perform handstands, cartwheels, round offs, and front and back walkovers, they will likely want to move into our All-Star prep program. Becoming a member of one of our prep teams will show your child how their individual skills can contribute to the group when they are choreographed into a 1.5minute routine.

Prep athletes will also learn more advanced skills in stunting, and they’ll start to develop a stronger tie to the important teamwork aspect of cheer. Most athletes will spend anywhere from 2-4 sessions in our prep program before taking the leap into the competitive realm of cheer. Others will find that the semi-competitive, team-based atmosphere of prep is a perfect fit, and they’ll stick to it for as long as the sport interests them!

Step 4: Become An Elite Competitive Athlete

If your child develops a strong passion for this sport, there is a good chance that they will start to ask about becoming a part of our Elite competitive teams. At this point, they should start training to get their back handspring and they may want to look into private lessons as well. Elite team tryouts take place in May of each year. Training will have a heavy focus on individual skill development from May-August, and then shift to team-based training during our competitive season, which runs September-April.

This program requires high commitment and a true competitive drive, but it is also where our deepest friendships and long-lasting memories are formed… For all of us who have been bitten by the ‘cheer bug’, the sacrifices we make for training are worth the thrill of competing together on the big stage!

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