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“Hi Sam, I just wanted to take this moment to tell you how thankful and happy I am that you took me on as one of your athletes. I know its hard to teach an athlete the proper way and technique of tumbling skills and stunting, but you’ve taken the time to do so. I’ve loved every practice and I know I have a lot of work ahead of me and I plan on continuing to work hard and improve on all the corrections you’ve given me. I can’t thank you enough for your help in just the last few practices. I’ve learned so much and improved my tumbling already and I know I’ll only get better at your gym. This is the best decision I’ve ever made. So thank you, I’m so excited for this year!”
Madison Francoeur

“I am always telling Kayli’s friends’ parents about CheerCore and what a great experience we have had in the past two years… Brenda is always very helpful, nice and professional with the parents and you and your coaching staff are doing an amazing job with the kids. Overall we are extremely happy with CheerCore.”
Jana M.

“CheerCore is a gym that shows so much passion for the sport of cheerleading. It’s a gym that accepts you no matter who you are and makes you fall in love with the sport. This gym is located in a small town but it has the biggest heart and sense of community. As soon as you walk in the doors of this gym you feel the drive and love for cheerleading…”
Shantal Brethauer

“This is the gym which essentially introduced me to the sport and equipped me with the skills I needed to be successful. I won multiple national championships with CheerCore, and upon leaving I went on to make my Wilfrid Laurier Univeristy’s varsity team. I have since won three national championships at the university level and this would have never been possible without my roots from CheerCore!”
Taylor Brown

“I can’t believe my daughter is heading into her seventh season at CheerCore! We were casually looking for an after school activity when Natalie decided to try cheer! Little did we know that this would soon became her focus, her passion, her world! As she grew stronger, so did her confidence in and out of cheer. A sport like this truly effects your whole life. You become part of a whole, and your teammates become forever family. The memories that athletes build here will last a lifetime. This magic just doesn’t happen by accident. The coaches work tirelessly supporting each and every athlete by maintaining high expectations and keeping the kids focused with individual goals for each athlete. As a mom, I truly appreciate that the coaches are experienced and maintain all safety standards. I have witnessed athletes coming through the doors with zero cheer experience to fully confident and capable cheerleaders! All I can say is that this family truly loves CheerCore!”
Heather Stewart

“Thank you Coach T for everything…I would not be where I am today without you. You have helped me soooo much over the past 3 years I’ve gone from zero flexibility to have a good split and being able to do a bridge, then back walkover ,and a front walkover and much more to come.Truly I thank you I could not find a sport that was interesting and then I found Cheer. I stuck with it because the teammates felt like family and everyone was accepted.”

Rebecca Torgis

“I really appreciate that the coaches are so positive and encouraging and celebrate even small successes. Being able to see progress (and have it recognized) goes a long way towards the ‘I can do it!’ mindset.”
Jessica M

“Hey Sam, I wanted to connect to tell you that I was in tears watching the video you posted tonight. It was a giant leap of faith to switch clubs, and as you know, it took us over a year to finally make what has become such a sound decision for us. It is absolutely incredible to watch this group of girls work so cohesively together. Having come from a club with less emphasis on intensity, technique and timing, it is an absolute breath of fresh air to watch this routine. As a parent who makes a long commute to help a child achieve their dreams, I get called out a lot by my peers; they say I am investing too much into this. But the difference is that I do this for [my daughter] because it matters to her. You matter to her. Your club MATTERS to her. She is thriving in your environment, and is very excited about [our first competition on] Sunday. Thank you. For so many things. But mostly for embracing [my daughter] and I into your club.”
Trisha E.

“We are new to this gym, and we couldn’t ask for a more positive welcoming experience! The coaching is very focused, and reinforces their current skills to positively build more. Fantastic!!”
Shawna Green

“We were new to the Cheercore family this year and our daughter had such a positive season. The coaches all work so hard to make sure that the athletes are learning and progressing. Our daughter was welcomed with open arms and made to feel part of the team from day one. We love the team feel of this small town gym and how every athlete feels apart of something amazing!”
Terri-Lyn E.

“I can’t say enough about this gym. This year will be my daughter’s fourth year at Cheercore, I have seen such growth in not only her athletic ability and cheerleading skills, but also her confidence. They take safety VERY seriously and believe that you need to learn a skill the right way, before you can progress. The older girls and coaches are fabulous role models and include the younger girls without hesitation. The staff are always happy to answer questions (when they aren’t busy helping the kids on the mat). I have and would recommend this gym to anyone looking to cheer.”
Kim Mcilhone

“What an amazing club! We came from another club and have felt nothing but love from the coaches, parent and girls. Everyone here is family. Every team supports and cheers on one another. Love cheer core and everything it represents.”
Jody Longland

“Thank you for inspiring my daughter and helping her learn that hard work and dedication pays off. Unfortunately that is a lesson that most young people are not getting these days and I’m so glad that she is able to experience competitive athletics in the environment you have created.”
Martha R.

“Both our girls have been a part of Cheercore over the past five years and it has been a great experience! They have learned dedication, commitment, and respect, they have learned to work together as a team, to work hard and to not give up. My girls have built lifelong friendships through Cheercore and so have I”
Monica Maltas

“When our cheer club closed last year mid season, Cheer Core opened it’s doors and welcomed us with open arms. The coaches volunteered their time and created a routine for the athletes in only 7 practices so that they could compete at Nationals. With a 5th place finish in a field of 9 teams, we knew we had made the right choice to join Cheer Core the following year. The athletes work hard to build their skills in a fun, safe and encouraging environment. The Moto for skill building is perfection before progression. Safety first!! Our daughter has made many new friends this year and never complains about going to practice. We can’t wait for season 10 to begin. Thank you Cheer Core family for the wonderful memories.”
Michel Mann

“This is my daughter’s first time doing cheer and she loves It! She has been made to feel so very welcome by everyone involved! Love that the older and more experienced girls can often be found helping to coach littles. We are thrilled with the program and staff!”
Ashley D

“This has been one of the best things we have done for our daughter. Cheercore has given her self confidence and friendships that will last a lifetime. I can’t say enough about the coaching staff who push our daughter to be the best she can be. Thank you CheerCore Collingwood.”
Margot M.R

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