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How To Select The Right Class For Your Child

We know that as a parents, you may have questions about which class  your child is ready for. That’s why we created the helpful video below to help you understand all prerequisites and point you in the right direction.

Think all tumbling classes are the same?

Think again!

Whether you’re in cheerleading, gymnastics or dance, here are 4 reasons why our unique approach to coaching tumbling is trusted by families from multiple regions such as: Simcoe, Peel, Muskoka and even GTA!

Knowledgeable Staff

Our coaches have gone through extensive training and are well versed in teaching proper progressions & drills for every skill. Plus, they are highly competent in all 3 major spotting techniques. So whether you’re trying a new skill for the first time, or just need a reassuring confidence boost, we will be here to help you every step of the way!

Click Here to see our staff in action!

Goals Oriented

Ever wonder what’s the difference between a “beginner” and an “advanced” tumbling class? Us too! That’s why, unlike most gyms, our classes are separated by skill, not levels. With our system, you will know exactly what you are going to be working on before signing up. Want to work back handsprings? Sign up for BHS class! Scroll down below, to view our full class list.

Safety First

While no activity can ever be truly 100% safe and risk-free, we aim to get as close as possible by equipping our facilities with fully sprung floors, state of the art AirTracks, shaping blocks and plenty of soft, plushy landing mats to help you attempt skills safely. This reduces unnecessary trauma to your joints and muscles.

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Technique Perfection

At CheerCore, we don’t just help our athletes “get” skills, we help them perfect them. This builds a solid foundation for years to come while reducing risk of injuries and set-backs. Best of all? Great technique always scores well at competitions. See the two examples below

New Walkover – vs – Perfect Walkover

Ready To Tumble With Us?

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A List Of Our Tumbling Classes

Walkover Class

In this class, your child will be learning the fundamentals of both the front and back walkover in order to help achieve mastery. Great walkovers set a solid foundation for handsprings. There will also be emphasis on cartwheels and round-offs so they can turn their newly developed skills into passes!

Mandatory Prerequisites: none

Optional Prerequisites: Standing bridge, cartwheel, handstand

Aerial Class

Known as the “no handed cartwheel”, the aerial is a beautiful skill that requires the perfect combination of strength, timing and flexibility to pull off. In this class, athletes will learn the fundamentals to achieve mastery in both the side and front aerials.

Mandatory Prerequisites: Cartwheels, Front Split Flexibility

Optional Prerequisites: 1-handed Cartwheel, Round Off

Handspring Class

In this class, your child will be learning the fundamentals of both the front and back handsprings and aiming to achieve mastery. Once a single handspring is achieved, they will be taught how to combine them into a connected series which will set up a solid foundation for tucks (saltos) in the future.

Mandatory Prerequisites: back & front walkover, round off

Optional Prerequisites: Back limbers

Tucks, Layouts & More

In this class, your child will be learning all of the advanced saltos such as back/front tucks, layouts and even twisting skills. More niche skills such as Arabians and step-outs are also something we will touch on. Once the individual end skill is mastered, athletes will also learn to connect these advanced end-skills to their passes.

Mandatory Prerequisites: Round Off 2 x BHS, Standing 2 x BHS

Optional Prerequisites: Standing Back Tuck

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